Friday, January 05, 2007

We're fat and the restaurants don't care

Half the country is on a diet and restaurants still send out fat laden dressings and no choice desserts. If I could find just one restaurant that offered low fat blue cheese dressing, low fat sour cream, whole grain rolls as an alternative in the basket, no sugar low fat cheesecake or sugar free fruit dressing - why, I'd be back! As of now, when I want just a plain salad I bring my own low fat blue cheese in my purse - and embarrass my husband.
I love Subway. They have really gone the distance on providing some of the basics to diet conscious people. Lots of good grain breads, low fat mayonnaise, and enough healthy options to satisfy anyone who is hungry and barely in control. Of course the vegetarian and health food stores do offer alternatives, but they could use some updating too.
Some of the more elite restaurants don't really offer anything to the diet conscious, they merely serve starvation sized rations for the sake of presentation.
Still, some mid level restaurants now offer more choices for the diet conscious, but garden burgers served on plain old white buns just doesn't make sense.
I hope to find the restaurant of my dreams soon, the inside of my purse is saturated with low fat blue cheese.

by Diningroom Diva

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