Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Healthy Dining Out

Someone commented the other day on how difficult it is to eat out at different restaurants and also stay within healthy eating guidelines. There's lots of information out there, but short of lugging around a big fat notebook - how to do?
Here is a brief guide that may help.
• Don't skip a meal on the day you are going out to eat.
• Eat a light snack (such as an apple, orange or slice of low fat cheese).
• Choose a restaurant that offers a variety of food including low fat options.
• Be aware that snacks served with wine or other alcoholic drinks are part of the meal too. We often tend to overeat when using alcohol.
• Order more plant based foods - pick salads and deserts that emphasize fruits or vegetables; look for whole-grain pasta, bread, rice and cereal.
• Order baked, not fried; grilled, not greasy.
• Ask about substitutions of lower fat,, lower carbohydrate food as side dishes.
• Taste your food before adding salt, butter, sauces or dressings.
• Order dressings on the sides of your salads.
• Substitute healthier condiments such as mustard for mayonnaise, or pepper or lemon juice instead of salt.
• Resist the desire to 'supersize' your meals.
• Make the salad your first course with plenty of veggies and fruit.
• Eat slowly.
• Order food that requires work such as crab legs.
• Order water, sparkling water or mineral water with a twist of lemon - it's filling and has no calories (most diets insist on at least 8 glasses a water per day for a reason)
• Finish the main course before you think of ordering dessert.
• For dessert consider lower fat, lower calorie options such as fresh fruit, angel food cake or sherbet.

• For more information on healthy eating check out Healthy Eating at Best Place to Eat .com

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